Char­ac­ter Pro­file — Agent Honey Trap


Full name of Char­ac­ter: Marisol de Souza
Rea­son, mean­ing or pur­pose behind the name: Con­trac­tion of names Maria and Soledad (from our lady of soli­tude) , de Souza (Fam­ily name)

Nick­name: Honey Trap
Rea­son for nick­name: Addic­tive to men, they let their guard down
Race: Com­bi­na­tion of African, Amer­i­can Indian, and Span­ish
Occupation/class: Black Ops agent
Social class: Work­ing class

Phys­i­cal Appearance:

Age: 29
How old they appear: 27
Eye Colour: Hazel Brown
Glasses or con­tacts?: No
Hair colour length and style: Jet black, long straight hair
Weight and height: 70kgs 5ft 10”
Type of body (build): Ath­letic
Skin tone and type: Brown and smooth
Shape of face: Roundish
Dis­tin­guish­ing marks: Small beauty spot on left cor­ner of her top lip, small birth­mark on her neck
Pre­dom­i­nant fea­ture: Strik­ing eyes
Is she healthy?: Tip-top con­di­tion
Why are they healthy?: Trains daily in mar­tial arts (when not in the field), swims, runs

Do they look healthy?: Yes


Char’s favourite colour: Blue
Least favourite, why?: Yel­low, can never find any clothes to match
Music?: Soca
Least favourite music, why?: Hip-Hop – the gang­ster per­sonas of male artists who are so fake – couldn’t go one round with her in a cage fight
Food: Caribbean
Lit­er­a­ture: Crime sto­ries
Expres­sions: Suck this
Exple­tives (curse): Mierda (Span­ish for shit)
Mode of trans­port: Motor bike
Hob­bies: Mar­tial arts, scrab­ble, trav­el­ling
How do they spend a rainy day?: Mar­tial Arts training


Are they a dare­devil or cau­tious?: Dare­devil
Do they act the same alone as when with some­one?: Yes
Habits: Only giv­ing and receiv­ing things with her right hand (if one hand being used)
Drinks: Tequila
How much: A quar­ter of a bot­tle every month
Great­est Strength: Speed of thought (espe­cially under pres­sure)
Great­est Weak­ness: Tem­pera­ment (hot­head)
Soft spot: Cats
Is their soft spot obvi­ous, why/why not?: No, she does not talk about them
If not, how do they hide it?: As above
Biggest Vul­ner­a­bil­ity: Feel­ing of con­stantly hav­ing to prove her­self in testos­terone filled environment


Home­town: Chicago
Type of child­hood: Com­pet­i­tive
First Mem­ory: Fight­ing with her older brother
Most impor­tant child­hood event that still affects her: Being able to stop her­self from being raped through appli­ca­tion of her knowl­edge of mar­tial arts
Why?: Dri­ves her not to be a vic­tim, makes her pas­sion­ate about women learn­ing self-defence
Edu­ca­tion: Mas­ters in Crim­i­nal Psy­chol­ogy
Reli­gion: Native Amer­i­can spir­i­tu­al­ism
Finances: Has some money put away


Mother: Anna de Souza
Rela­tion­ship with her: Fiery
Father: Louis de Souza
Rela­tion­ship with him: Strong, fun
Sib­lings, How many, rela­tion­ship with each: Three broth­ers all older
Chil­dren of sib­lings: Eldest 2 broth­ers each have a boy and a girl
Other extended fam­ily: 2 Aunts and 1 Uncle all live on the same street as par­ents
Close? Why or why not?: Yes very close fam­ily, as grew up see­ing all of them often


Most at ease when: Prac­tic­ing at the gun range
Most ill at ease when: Deal­ing with chau­vin­is­tic men
Pri­or­i­ties: Teach­ing teenage girls self-defence in her spare time
Philoso­phies: Don’t trust the tongue trust the facts
How they feel about them­selves: Hard on her­self
Past fail­ure they would be embar­rassed to admit: Once almost broke an inno­cent man’s arm
Why?: Thought he was try­ing to touch her inap­pro­pri­ately, but he was just try­ing to notify her that she had dropped some­thing on the floor
If granted one wish what would it be, why?: To meet some­one she could deal with on her level, feels such men hardly exist


Opti­mist or pes­simist? Why?: Pes­simist, from the world she sees around her
Intro­vert or extro­vert? Why?: Extro­vert – no shrink­ing vio­let
Dri­ves and motives: To be the best, to be pow­er­ful, to never be a vic­tim, wants girls to know it might be a man’s world now but it will be a woman’s world tomor­row
Tal­ents: Acer­bic wit, very good at recog­nis­ing pat­terns, can scan read data/books very quickly
Extremely skilled at: Mar­tial arts, shoot­ing
Extremely unskilled at: Bond­ing with other ladies for recre­ation
Good char­ac­ter­is­tics: Loyal, pas­sion­ate, gen­er­ous
Char­ac­ter flaws: Can be unduly harsh, overly mis­trust­ful
Man­ner­isms: Talks fast, walks fast, likes to inter­ject
Pecu­liar­i­ties: likes to suck thinly sliced lemons
Biggest regret: Break­ing up with col­lege sweet heart
Minor regrets: Not going into com­pet­i­tive mar­tial arts
Biggest accom­plish­ment: National cham­pion for ladies mixed mar­tial arts – 80 kilo divi­sion
Minor accom­plish­ments: Being one of very few women mak­ing it into Black Ops divi­sion
Dark­est secret: Tak­ing vig­i­lante ret­ri­bu­tion on a man who was stalk­ing her, break­ing both his legs and leav­ing him with a col­lapsed lung
Does any­one know?: No – even the vic­tim isn’t sure
How did they find out?: N/A


One word they would use to describe them­selves: Pas­sion­ate
What do they con­sider their best phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tic and why?: Eyes, she can seduce with just these
The worst one? Why?: Biceps – not as muscular/strong as she would like
Are they real­is­tic assess­ments?: Yes
If not, why not?: N/A
How they think oth­ers per­ceive them: Headstrong

Inter­ac­tion with other people:

How do they relate to oth­ers?: Does not suf­fer fools
How are they per­ceived by strangers?: Uptight
Friends: Always on it
Wife/husband/lover: N/A
First impres­sion of the char: Attrac­tive
Why?: She looks good
What hap­pens to change this per­cep­tion?: By inter­act­ing with her you realise she’s more than just a pretty face
What do peo­ple like most about this char?: She’s real – no bull­shit
What do they dis­like most about them?: Her fem­i­nist tendencies


Imme­di­ate: Find­ing Quant Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals ille­gal drug(s)
Long term: Find­ing a man
How do they plan to accom­plish them?: Through the Whistle-blower
How will oth­ers be affected by this?: Whistle-blower will be interrogated…


How do they react in a cri­sis?: Fiery
How do they face prob­lems?: With fren­zied energy
Kind of prob­lems they usu­ally run into: Male egos
How they react to new prob­lems: With anger
How they react to change: Often with mut­ter­ings of disgust


Favourite cloth­ing, why?: Dark blue jeans, looks good, com­fort­able and prac­ti­cal
Least Favourite, why?: Dresses, men always perv­ing
Jew­ellery: sil­ver chain with a locket
Other acces­sories: Two 9 carat gold rings
Dri­ves: VW Golf
Where do they live?: New York
Where do they want to live?: Rio
Spend­ing habits, why?: Gym equip­ment and prop­erty, cre­at­ing a pri­vate gym, and mar­tial arts premises for ladies
What do they do too much of, why?: Talk­ing about women’s rights, impor­tant to her
Most prized pos­ses­sion, why?: Pic­tures of her as child with her fam­ily – rep­re­sents a time she was happy and felt pro­tected, and life was easy
Peo­ple they secretly admire, why?: Hilary Clin­ton – com­ing out of the shadow of Bill Clin­ton
Per­son they are most influ­enced by, why?: Won­der Woman – always use to read comic as a young child, and believed she was real