Char­ac­ter Pro­file - Agent Slick


Full name of Char­ac­ter: Jonathan Tay­lor jr
Rea­son, mean­ing or pur­pose behind the name: Fam­ily Name (named after his father)

Nick­name: Agent Slick
Rea­son for nick­name: Hair is always slicked back
Race: White Ital­ian Amer­i­can
Occupation/class:  Black Ops agent
Social class: Mid­dle Class

Phys­i­cal Appearance:

Age: 33
How old they appear: 28
Eye Colour: Aqua blue
Glasses or con­tacts?: Con­tacts
Hair colour length and style: Light brown/blonde, quite thick, all slicked back
Weight and height: 82 kilos 6ft 2”
Type of body (build): Well toned
Skin tone and type: Rosy with a hint of a tan
Shape of face: Round
Dis­tin­guish­ing marks: none
Pre­dom­i­nant fea­ture: Wide shoul­ders
Is he healthy?: Yes
Why are they healthy?: Takes extra good care of him­self
Do they look healthy?: Very


Char’s favourite colour: Pur­ple (the colour of roy­alty)
Least favourite, why?: Beige – bor­ing
Music?: Clas­si­cal
Least favourite music, why?: Heavy metal — mean­ing­less
Food: Peking duck, served on the stom­ach of a beau­ti­ful woman
Lit­er­a­ture: Crime nov­els
Expres­sions: What’s good for the goose is good for the gan­der
Exple­tives (curse): Darn it
Mode of trans­port: Sub­way (aka metro aka tube)
Hob­bies: Amer­i­can Foot­ball, Gym, Erotic Art, Nud­ist camps
How do they spend a rainy day?: Relax­ing at home in the nude


Are they a dare­devil or cau­tious?: Cau­tious
Do they act the same alone as when with some­one?: No
Habits: Col­lect­ing erotic art, drink­ing Chi­nese tea
Drinks: Chi­nese tea, coconut water
How much?: Copi­ous amounts
Great­est Strength: Atten­tion to detail
Great­est Weak­ness: Van­ity
Soft spot: Objects of beauty
Is their soft spot obvi­ous, why/why not?: Not bla­tantly (occa­sional com­ments)
If not, how do they hide it?: He pulls back from talk­ing too much about it
Biggest Vul­ner­a­bil­ity: His love of escort girls


Home­town: Santa Bar­bra
Type of child­hood: Very con­trolled
First Mem­ory: Being dressed in a cow­boy out­fit with a noisy toy gun for birth­day party
Most impor­tant child hood event that still affects him/her: See­ing mum cheat­ing on dad with another man
Why?: Taught him peo­ple are duplic­i­tous
Edu­ca­tion: High school dropout
Reli­gion: Human­ist
Finances: Jug­gling funds – has expen­sive tastes at times, a problem


Mother: Julie
Rela­tion­ship with her: Loves her deeply but does not trust her
Father: Jonathan Tay­lor
Rela­tion­ship with him: Felt sorry for him (as a child) as he was often trav­el­ling all around the coun­try as part of his job, then tired when at home
Sib­lings, How many, rela­tion­ship with each: N/A
Chil­dren of sib­lings: N/A
Other extended fam­ily: N/A
Close? Why or why not: N/A


Most at ease when: At home relax­ing in the nude
Most ill at ease when: Clothes or his per­son are messy or soiled
Pri­or­i­ties: To enjoy the plea­sures of life
Philoso­phies: When it’s your time it’s your time
How they feel about them­selves: Com­pletely at ease
Past fail­ure they would be embar­rassed to admit: Tried to seduce part­ner
Why?: He still has to work with her (Agent Honey Trap)
If granted one wish what would it be, why?: To have been a film star in the golden age of Hol­ly­wood, to expe­ri­ence unimag­in­able adulation


Opti­mist or pes­simist? Why?: Opti­mist – every­thing is there for you, you just need to grab it
Intro­vert or extro­vert? Why?: Extro­vert, Body beau­ti­ful
Dri­ves and motives: To be finan­cially inde­pen­dent, to keep his body in prime con­di­tion (ward off aging)
Tal­ents: Talker and net­worker, mas­ter of dis­guis­ing emo­tions
Extremely skilled at: Get­ting peo­ple to trust him
Extremely unskilled at: Sport
Good char­ac­ter­is­tics: Pleas­ant demeanour, wel­com­ing per­sona, fun
Char­ac­ter flaws: Vain, duplic­i­tous
Man­ner­isms: Quite softly spo­ken, caresses the hands of women he fan­cies
Pecu­liar­i­ties: Gets body waxed weekly, and eye­brows bi-weekly
Biggest regret: Not hav­ing told his father of his mother’s betrayal
Minor regrets: Not hav­ing grad­u­ated from high school
Biggest accom­plish­ment: Becom­ing a black ops agent
Minor accom­plish­ments: Giv­ing up wine for 3 months
Dark­est secret: Had sex with his best friend’s mum when in high school
Does any­one know?: No
How did they find out: N/A


One word they would use to describe them­selves: Hand­some
What do they con­sider their best phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tic and why?: Hands, so soft and com­fort­ing
The worst one? Why?: Chin, has a faint scar
Are they real­is­tic assess­ments?: Scar on chin is imper­cep­ti­ble
If not, why not?: Van­ity
How they think oth­ers per­ceive them: Quaint
What thing would they most like to change about them­selves?: The scar on chin
Why?: Would then make his face his best asset

Inter­ac­tion with other people:

How do they relate to oth­ers?: Very per­son­able
How are they per­ceived by strangers?: Warm and enthu­si­as­tic
Friends: Eccen­tric
Wife/husband/lover: Has dif­fer­ent escort girls each time (life is too short to get stuck on one)
First impres­sion of the char­ac­ter: Warm/caring
Why?: Comes across as gen­uine
What hap­pens to change this per­cep­tion?: Engages in duplic­i­tous acts
What do peo­ple like most about this char?: His engag­ing per­son­al­ity
What do they dis­like most about them?: Vanity


Imme­di­ate: Find­ing out the drug Quant Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals are devel­op­ing
Long term: Amass­ing enough cash to retire and travel the world
How do they plan to accom­plish them?: By sell­ing secrets using his posi­tion in Black Ops
How will oth­ers be effected by this?: Some may die


How do they react in a cri­sis?: Con­trolled
How do they face prob­lems?: In a rea­soned man­ner
Kind of prob­lems they usu­ally run into: Peo­ple not pay­ing up fully
How they react to new prob­lems: With flex­i­bil­ity
How they react to change: By going to plan B or C, viewed as a fact of life


Favourite cloth­ing, why?: Kimono – eas­ily removed
Least Favourite , why?: Base­ball cap — inel­e­gant
Jew­ellery: Chopard LUC Lunar One men’s watch
Other acces­sories: Per­son­alised cuf­flinks
Dri­ves: Com­fort, wealth, con­trol
Where do they live?: New York
Where do they want to live?: Milan, Paris, Bali
Spend­ing habits, why?: Clothes, Cars, Watches, High life – fash­ion con­scious, com­fort lov­ing, net­worker
What do they do too much of, why?: Black­mail­ing (has access to infor­ma­tion), to gen­er­ate more and more cash for his lifestyle and future plans
Most prized pos­ses­sion, why?: Breguet Tour­bil­lon Power Reserve & 24 Hour
Peo­ple they secretly admire, why: Jimmy Choo – to have taken over the world with his cre­ations
Per­son they are most influ­enced by, why?: Mother – she lives her life with and for pleasure