The music track below is a demo of episode 7 (of 10) of “Cer­tifi­cate 18″ an episodic “audio movie.” Where each episode is a scene in an inter­con­nected thriller.

The set­ting is a ‘tum­ble­weed’ town in the south­ern part of the United States of Amer­ica, wooden build­ings, saloons, and hotels line dusty peb­ble dash roads. The four main char­ac­ters in the episode are; The Sniper, Agent Slick, Agent Honey Trap, and The Whistleblower.

As we enter the scene, The Sniper has just fired a shot in an attempt to assas­si­nate The Whistle­blower. Agent Honey Trap has been hit in the shoul­der as at that moment she crossed the Whistleblower’s path.


Press links to view Char­ac­ter Pro­files: The SniperThe Whistle­blower, Agent Slick, Agent Honey Trap