Char­ac­ter Pro­file — The Sniper

Full name of Char­ac­ter: Kai Sashimoto

Rea­son, mean­ing or pur­pose behind the name: Fam­ily name 

Nick­name: Ichi — The Sniper
Rea­son for nick­name: Hits his tar­get with one shot
Race: Japan­ese
Occupation/class: Sniper
Social class: Upper class

Phys­i­cal Appearance:

Age: 27
How old they appear: 27
Eye Colour: Brown
Glasses or con­tacts?: No

Hair colour length and style: Long, straight, shoul­der length — styled

Weight and height: 71kg 5 ft 10″
Type of body (build): Mus­cu­lar
Skin tone and type: Olive has patches of eczema
Shape of face: Angu­lar
Dis­tin­guish­ing marks: Tat­too of a Phoenix on right shoul­der and down onto the mid of his back
Pre­dom­i­nant fea­ture: Tiny eye­lids
Is he healthy?: Strug­gles with eczema on his arms
Why are they healthy?: N/a
Do they look healthy?: Yes

Why?:  Looks healthy because hides parts that are not, under clothing


Char’s favourite colour: Black
Least favourite, why?: White — gets dirty too quick
Music?: Jazz & vio­lin solos
Least favourite music, why?: Drum and Base, too much point­less noise
Food: Sushi
Lit­er­a­ture: Shake­speare
Expres­sions: The weak are here as food for the strong
Exple­tives (curse): Restrains from such things
Mode of trans­port: Audi R8, Mer­cedes E55
Hob­bies: Origami, sculp­ture, read­ing gun man­u­als
How do they spend a rainy day?: Usu­ally under an umbrella stalk­ing his lat­est target


Are they a dare­devil or cau­tious?: Very cau­tious
Do they act the same alone as when with some­one?: Yes very metic­u­lous
Habits: Chews coca leaves for stim­u­la­tion
Drinks: Ciroc Vodka mixed with fresh cran­ber­ries & Red­bull
How much?: 1 when he wakes up in the morn­ing
Great­est Strength: Incred­i­ble lev­els of con­cen­tra­tion
Great­est Weak­ness: Hubris — log­ging down each kill in detail in a diary, stored on a shelf, (above the door), of his walk in wardrobe.
Soft spot: Sugar
Is their soft spot obvi­ous, why/why not?: No does not indulge out­side of home
If not, how do they hide it?: Does not hide when he is at home, does not let oth­ers into his home
Biggest Vul­ner­a­bil­ity: Lack of humility


Home­town: Tokyo
Type of child­hood: Dis­ci­plined
First Mem­ory: Run­ning in the play­ground, falling and cut­ting knee
Most impor­tant child hood event that still affects him/her: When 11 and set­tled into high school, par­ents split up and as a result decided to send him to board­ing school, where he was cut off from them and suf­fered from severe bul­ly­ing
Why?: As above
Edu­ca­tion: Inter­na­tional bac­calau­re­ate in mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing
Reli­gion: Wor­ships him­self
Finances: Ridicu­lously wealthy


Mother: Keiko
Rela­tion­ship with her: Frac­tured
Father: Takeshi
Rela­tion­ship with him: Frac­tured
Sib­lings, How many, rela­tion­ship with each: None
Chil­dren of sib­lings: None
Other extended fam­ily: Cut him­self off from them all
Close? Why or why not?: They are related to mother & father — all such things have been dis­posed of


Most at ease when: Dri­ving to make a kill
Most ill at ease when: Wak­ing up in the morn­ing
Pri­or­i­ties: Purg­ing the Earth of the weak
Philoso­phies: Moti­va­tion + strength = Me
How they feel about them­selves: Loves him­self dearly, his body is his place of wor­ship
Past fail­ure they would be embar­rassed to admit: Fail­ure at first killing assign­ment
Why?: He was not able to pull the trig­ger, his men­tor had to do it for him, thus show­ing Kai’s weak­ness at the time
If granted one wish what would it be, why?: To have the oppor­tu­nity to go back to first assign­ment and pull the trig­ger. Erase that one moment of weak­ness, that denies him total absolute cer­tainty of his infi­nite supe­ri­or­ity over others


Opti­mist or pes­simist? Why?: Does not think of life in such terms
Intro­vert or extro­vert? Why?: Intro­vert
Dri­ves and motives: To kill, to purge the world of the weak
Tal­ents: Mas­ter­ing musi­cal instru­ments
Extremely skilled at: Hit­ting tar­gets from a long range
Extremely unskilled at: Empa­thy
Good char­ac­ter­is­tics: Punc­tual, pro­fes­sional at all times
Char­ac­ter flaws: Self wor­ship
Man­ner­isms: Walks like a model on a cat­walk
Pecu­liar­i­ties: Lightly taps out his favourite vio­lin tune when sit­ting down at a table (sub­con­sciously)
Biggest regret: Not yet hav­ing found out the loca­tion of boys who bul­lied him at school and purged them from the Earth
Minor regrets: Hav­ing taken so long to find his true call­ing
Biggest accom­plish­ment: Doing three hits in one day
Minor accom­plish­ments: Grad­u­at­ing first in his class
Dark­est secret: Killing his men­tor to hide his moment of weak­ness
Does any­one know?: No
How did they find out?: N/A


One word they would use to describe them­selves: god
One para­graph of how they would describe them­selves: I am the embod­i­ment of strength made into flesh, my pur­pose in life is solely to purge the Earth of the weak, I am happy to be of service

What do they con­sider their best phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tic and why: Torso — it radi­ates strength, dis­ci­pline, and perfection

The worst one? Why?: His arms, because of the eczema
Are they real­is­tic assess­ments?: Yes
If not, why not?: N/A
How they think oth­ers per­ceive them?: Styl­ish
What thing would they most like to change about them­selves: Eczema

Why?: The eczema — it is am imper­fec­tion
If they were changed would they be the same per­son, why/why not?: No, his ego would be even big­ger, as he would see him­self as per­fec­tion personified

Inter­ac­tion with other people:

How do they relate to oth­ers?: Sees oth­ers merely as strong or weak, shep­herd or sheep
How are they per­ceived by strangers?: Weird
Friends: Has 1 friend — who sees him as gen­er­ous and eccen­tric
Wife/husband/lover: He has many female con­sorts, after a kill he vis­its one of them
First impres­sion of the char: A snob
Why?: His airs and graces, when he talks and looks at you
What hap­pens to change this per­cep­tion?: Noth­ing this view is affirmed
What do peo­ple like most about this char?: His cars
What do they dis­like most about them?: Peo­ple feel uneasy around him but they do not know why


Imme­di­ate: Take­out The Whistle­blower
Long term: Take­out those that bul­lied him as a child
How do they plan to accom­plish them?: Stake­out and wait for The Whistle­blower to come to him
How will oth­ers be affected by this?: His employ­ers will be happy, and have more tar­gets for him


How do they react in a cri­sis?: Out­wardly relaxed but inwardly in attack mode
How do they face prob­lems?: With calm
Kind of prob­lems they usu­ally run into?: Fresh cran­ber­ries not deliv­ered on time (each morn­ing)
How they react to new prob­lems: Prob­lems where oth­ers are at fault cause him to mark them in his book of pos­si­ble tar­gets, depend­ing on accu­mu­la­tion, you may be marked for death
How they react to change: Does not like change, works to a routine


Favourite cloth­ing, why?: Black Armani suits, com­fort­able and light
Least Favourite , why?: Rain mac — finds it cloy­ing, blocks his skin from breath­ing
Jew­ellery: None
Other acces­sories: Black dia­mond cuff links
Dri­ves: Audi R8, Mer­cedes E55
Where do they live?: Miami Florida
Where do they want to live?: On a pri­vate island in the trop­ics
Spend­ing habits, why?: Armani Suits, fresh cran­ber­ries, a monthly visit to the casino
What do they do too much of, why?: Killing, addicted to play­ing god
Most prized pos­ses­sion, why?: Rifle — his instru­ment of divine imple­men­ta­tion
Peo­ple they secretly admire, why?: His friend — ‘a leaf blow­ing in the wind of life’ yet com­fort­able with life hav­ing been nur­tured by lov­ing par­ents
Per­son they are most influ­enced by, why?: For­mer men­tor — showed him the power avail­able if one is will­ing to have no limits