Three Dimensional

Com­pre­hend this!
The strength of mind required to dis­miss all fears and all signs of nervousness

To boldly go where few have gone before,
armed only with what’s inside — to deal with what’s in store

And hear how I manoeu­vred my lyri­cal sword in the heat of the bat­tle
I’ll paint images for you so you can view through my eyes too.

Com­ing from Beyond, it was nec­es­sary for me to over­stand the process of per­for­mance poetry.
So I trav­elled through time to zero AD.

Upon my arrival – I asked about venues for per­for­mance
This lead me to become a glad­i­a­tor to test my tal­ents lying dormant.

As I stood in the tun­nel of the glad­i­a­to­r­ial arena with my sword in its sheath, thoughts of per­form­ing had me shak­ing like a leaf… briefly… before my hands started to per­spire, goose pim­ples on my arms as I felt my soul on fire.

My breath­ing lost its rhythm as my chest began to tighten, my heart beat rapidly as if I’d just been frightened.

It was then that I felt the hairs on my neck uncurl and stand to atten­tion, the sig­nal for me to enter my Beyon­der like dimension.

I stepped out into the arena and the crowd let out a roar, and at the same time oppo­nent num­ber one stepped out onto the floor.


It was none other than that weak gladiator…

’Ner­vous­ness!’ Com­ing out to try and infest my chest in order to sup­press my lyri­cal finesse.

Not one for defen­sive manoeu­vres – Ner­vous­ness tried to attack me imme­di­ately, he thrust his sword straight at my sternum.

I heard his sup­port­ers in the crowd shout­ing, “burn him.”



But lit­tle did they know that I had prac­ticed my flow

I merely side­stepped Ner­vous­ness and issued my own blow… fwpppt.

I cut him to the deep with the sharp­ness of my deliv­ery

There was no hes­i­ta­tion, no stum­bling, just thoughts of chivalry.


Ner­vous­ness pro­ceeded to recede at a great pace so that he’d sur­vive to bat­tle ‘I and I’ in another dimen­sion of time and space.

As I turned to the cen­tre of the arena… the fren­zied cheers of the crowd sud­denly became muted…

An appari­tion had appeared and was tak­ing phys­i­cal form draw­ing from the diluted, grains of sand pre­dom­i­nant in all the land, and when the meta­mor­pho­sis was com­plete, its stature was truly grand!


It was none other than… ‘Fear’ him­self.

I instantly put my hand to the hilt of my sword,

Fear issued the warn­ing “You shall be defeated by me The Dark­ling Lord”.

The crowd was hushed, the chal­lenge was set, the atmos­phere was elec­tric and quiet was kept.


Fear waved his hands as if issu­ing a spell, this seemed to do noth­ing, or if it did nobody could tell.

I knew what he had done for I felt it seep­ing into me, Fear had sent his emis­sary… ’Dry Mouth’…to weaken me inter­nally.

I hur­riedly drew my sword, but that’s as far as I did get, for Fear had also issued ‘Paral­y­sis’ and through my body he now swept.


Fear whis­pered words with low res­o­nance so only I could hear “Just give up and bow down to me and I’ll be out of here.”


I looked upon Fear, then looked onwards into the crowd
Sit­ting there were my two sis­ters ‘Joy’ who was deeply sub­dued and ‘Hope’ who was shout­ing loud.

And in between the two was my beloved ‘Seren­ity’
Calm and unruf­fled know­ing just how to lift me.

And that is why I put the ring on her fin­ger and now call her wifey. She can view a sit­u­a­tion then fur­ther enlighten me.


From where she sat I lip read what she said

Beyon­der, to con­quer Fear you need only use your head, for you hold the power you hold the key, to defeat fear and set your­self free”

Often when Seren­ity speaks to me she doesn’t mean it lit­er­ally, but on this occa­sion I felt the need to look at my hands instantly

For time was tick­ing and Paral­y­sis was pick­ing up the speed at which he chose to feed upon my person.


Now in my hand was my sword and as I looked upon it
Sun­light reflected off one edge as brightly as it shone on it.

A word was moulded into the edge of the blade
And when I first saw it I did an action replay.

Then it all became clear to me
What I had to do to set myself free


To defeat Fear, Paral­y­sis, and Dry Mouth too
In one instant I could destroy the whole crew

For the word on the edge of the blade was…’Confidence’
I merely had to project it with nonchalance

That was what was meant by Seren­ity
When she said that I held the key


Due to being in a state of paral­y­sis I had to use my pow­ers of telekinesis.

I lev­i­tated Con­fi­dence from my hand and directed it to Fear by men­tal command.

Now see­ing Con­fi­dence advanc­ing at a great pace, Fear dis­persed with Paral­y­sis and Dry Mouth to retreat in disgrace.



I was now free, a cham­pion of poetry, and it seemed to me per­for­mance was quite easy

I walked towards Seren­ity with my sword trail­ing in my wake

Evi­dently at that moment I had made a severe mistake.



For what I held in fact was a double-edged sword that some­body had pre­vi­ously taken from ‘The Dark­ling Lord’

On the sec­ond edge were writ­ten the words… ’Over Con­fi­dence,’ Of which I was in a state of with my thoughts of non­cha­lance

Before I even knew it the sword was wrenched from my grasp, an ambush was upon me and my blood trick­led on the dust.


The per­pe­tra­tor of such action was non-other than… ’For­get­ful­ness,’ return­ing from obliv­ion look­ing like he was on angel dust

For­get­ful­ness wielded a double-edged axe and sought to force me to back up in my tracks.

Although weak­ened I was I stood my ground, as For­get­ful­ness closed in I heard an omi­nous sound…


It was Ner­vous­ness and Fear return­ing to join in the fight, so I looked to within to give me sight beyond sight.


For­get­ful­ness attacked but his axe was too slow, so I bobbed and I weaved drop­ping lyri­cal flows

Ner­vous­ness and Fear were get­ting closer to I, so I had to act quickly or else I would soon die

I pulled out two dag­gers, ‘Rehearsal’ and ‘Prep,’ and into For­get­ful­ness I whole heartily leapt


I stuck him with both – in the heart and the neck

This sent For­get­ful­ness back on his obliv­i­ous trek

Ner­vous­ness and Fear dis­ap­peared in a flash

My sis­ter Joy gave cheer with style and panache

The crowd went wild say­ing “what a glo­ri­ous show”

I’d expe­ri­enced per­for­mance drop­ping lyri­cal flows

I accepted the cheers with humility

Over­stand­ing per­for­mance cer­tainly isn’t easy



I stood for a moment with Hope, Joy, and Serenity

Soak­ing up the atmos­phere of the time zero AD

Then we were gone…back to Beyond!


© Dec 1999 Robert Asare All Rights Reserved