When you speak to me you should address me as Rob­bie Digital

cos my mind con­nects in ways only com­put­ers find configurable.

When I con­vert myself from ana­logue to digital

my eyes can see that radi­a­tion critical,

device that you carry – no! Fur­ther­more some of you marry.

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If I go out with­out my mobile phone I feel naked”

That is what you call an addic­tion and I sug­gest you break it.

Take it from me cos noughts and ones is what I be.

Nought mean­ing cap­tive and one mean­ing free

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Now in this wild wild

Dig­i­talis can be found on DVD or found on CD-ROM

The dig­i­tal rev­o­lu­tion has become a tick­ing time bomb

And it’s wait­ing to explode from Sil­i­con Val­ley to Hong Kong

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Now it is said

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

In the era of Dig­i­talis is this what the TV & PC bring.

The ques­tion must be asked — who is the con­sumer and who merely consumed?

And in the final analy­sis – will this lead to social buri­als and cul­tures entombed?



Time for inves­ti­ga­tion me thinks whilst I’m in my dig­i­tized mode

I’ll catch a wave and surf the net upon the next upload.

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As I enter the infor­ma­tion super high­way Data comets pass me at the speed of light,

Along fibre-optic cables, on an end­less flight

Strange com­mu­ni­ties live in the Dig­i­tal Kingdom

I see cap­tives of capac­i­tors now lack­ing resistance

Unable to stand the heat in Dig­i­talis they ques­tion their existence

But they ques­tion not the ther­mis­tors whose faulty oper­a­tions cause them elec­tronic blisters.


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As I stop–off for a megabyte to eat in a vir­tual café,

I see old ladies bestow the joys of moth­er­hood to cyber communities

Cos like Roman­ian babies, they’ve been rejected by sonny boy

They no longer hold diplo­matic immunity

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I con­tem­plate as I see lit­tle chil­dren ignore A-B and C

Pre­fer­ring to befriend Game­boy, Playsta­tion and Sega’s Mega CD

But other let­ters see fit to befriend the couch potato youths of today

Namely O-B-C– and T,



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As I con­tinue my jour­ney once again

I think of ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’

And if this is truly the result

Shouldn’t we scrap it and start it all again

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Cos now peeps even porn the graphic on the web of deceit

And I know pimp­ing ain’t easy

But boy

Now it’s not just on the street


And in the future will it be a ques­tion of Edu­ca­tion or Electronification

Will peo­ple pon­der ‘need I learn when data I can burn

Into my cyber­netic brain and from insan­ity refrain’ ?

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You see neural net­works are awak­en­ing to fuzzy logic

Whilst human sub­jects are being taught to become more automi-tonic

…Click left – turn right…after me you must recite,

I am an idiot I need not think, the world of Dig­i­talis will keep me in synch”

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Or will it?

Syn­chro­nous becomes asyn­chro­nous as I blink.

In the world of Dig­i­talis is there a chink?

And if there is, all your data your biz

Your elec­tronic wiz-ardry will fail

Bet­ter you had your doc­u­ments in Braille

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The ques­tion you should ask your­self is

Who then will prevail?

Armaged­don will be upon you

Imag­ine – no lights, no electricity

How many mil­lions live in the big city

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Car­nage and chaos become the rul­ing philosophy

Unless of course you pos­sess a supe­rior mentality

For­ward thought to escape the depravity

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It doesn’t mat­ter to me, because I’m Rob­bie Digital

When they switch the power back on, I’m reconfigurable

But what about you?

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© July 2000 Robert Asare All Rights Reserved

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