Genetic Mike is my name

Being a designer baby is my claim to fame

I am a GM blue-eyed brown clone

Har­vested from the cells of stems that gave the roots of their nature up unwillingly

My time is now

The lat­ter period of the twenty sec­ond century


In the year twenty one sev­enty three

Rob­bie Digital

broke down how I came to be

Born of seeds with no future

Genet­i­cally mod­i­fied I can­not regen­er­ate nations

I exist merely to serve

For I have expe­ri­enced spir­i­tual castration


I am of a caste that only gets to live
“If I work for Massa twelve hours a day”

My pay­ment is a con­coc­tion of patented formula

That allows me to ger­mi­nate for one more day Feel sorry not for me but for those of the lower order

Long ago have live­stock from farmyards

become too pol­luted to ingest

So in jest, it was sug­gested to grow our own meat

Hence the clone fields of the lower order where peo­ple are har­vested like wheat… har­vested like wheat… har­vested like wheat.


Reap­ing the grim ben­e­fits of Dig­i­tol­ogy had been cal­cu­lated as a must

Herald­ing the injec­tion of nanobots into our bloodstreams

At birth to patrol pheromones of lust

Con­trol­ling emo­tions and immune systems

Ini­ti­at­ing indus­trial rev­o­lu­tions of our bio­log­i­cal pistons

This was the fore­run­ner to the par­al­lel link­ing of cul­ti­vated brains

Formed from the genetic splic­ing of so called supe­rior human strains

Locked in a grid these hybrid minds tele­path­i­cally intersect

Form­ing the super com­put­ers of dig­i­ta­log­i­cal time

Known as the inter-dimensional-net… the inter-dimensional-net… the inter-dimensional-net.

Nano-bot chips emit sig­nals from the inter­nals of each being

Turn­ing the inter-dimensional-net into an eye that’s all see­ing eye

So there’s no doubt the One-eyed king knows that I’m broad­cast­ing to you

Tolkien knew of what he wrote when he spoke of the Nazgul… when he spoke of the Nazgul… when he spoke of the Nazgul.

Now in this con­trolled order

There are no aestet­i­cally dis­pleas­ing individuals

All are sub­ject to guidelines

A league tables of per­mit­ted looks


One-eyed King

When looks are seen to be failing

Sil­i­col­ogy is the read­ily avail­able cheat

For sil­i­cone has beaten off saline as the pre­ferred cur­rency of deceit… the pre­ferred cur­rency of deceit… the pre­ferred cur­rency of deceit.

The seat of higher learn­ing sits hid­den behind closed doors

Whilst con­fused men­tal pat­terns have got us down on all fours

So now…   per­mit­ted thoughts are arrived at through rea­son, keep­ing cre­ativ­ity to a minimal

For imag­i­na­tion is now com­pa­ra­ble to treason

Out­lawed as behav­iour that is criminal  


Genetic bombs dis­perse daily, pur­suant to pop­u­la­tion reduction

While cyborgs are employed more freely, a sign of much cheaper production

Out­num­bered by his many muta­tions, the Inter-dimensional-net asks

What use is orig­i­nal man? Should he not be kept in game reservations?”

A cul­mi­na­tion of the mas­ter plan… a cul­mi­na­tion of the mas­ter plan… a cul­mi­na­tion of the mas­ter plan.

© April 2004 Robert Asare All Rights Reserved

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